You probably don’t need an excuse to finish a bottle of wine. But if you do, I’ve got you covered.

Here are 43 things you can make using empty wine bottles.

1) Vase

Reuse Wine Bottle Vase

Source: Apple Crate

2) Herb Garden

Reuse Wine Bottle Herb Garden

Source: Inhabitat

3) Etched Candle Holder

Reuse Wine Bottle Candle Holder

Source: Chica Circle

4) Holiday Decoration

5) Planters

6) Tumblers

Reuse Wine Bottle Tumblers

Source: Brit + Co

7) Wedding Decor

8) Lamp

9) Another Vase

10) Citronella Candle

Reuse Wine Bottle Citronella Candle

Source: Hello Glow

11) Bird Feeder

12) Science Project

Reuse Wine Bottle Science Project

Source: Martha Stewart

13)  Another Bird Feeder

14) Tiki Torches

15) Shelf

Reuse Wine Bottle Shelf

Source: Roy Shearer

16) Salad Dressing Container

reuse wine bottle

Source: Martha Stewart

17) Ombre Vase

Reuse Wine Bottle Ombre Vase

Source: Brit + Co

18) Handmade Candle

19) Bookend

Reuse Wine Bottle Bookend

Source: This Old House

20) Torch

21) LED Lamp

Reuse Wine Bottle LED Lamp

Source: Handy Crowd

22) More Handmade Candles

23) Another Vase

Reuse Wine Bottle Vase

Source: Handimania

24) Dish Soap Dispenser

25) Message In A Bottle

Reuse Wine Bottle Message In A Bottle

Source: Martha Stewart

26) Another Dish Soap Dispenser

Reuse Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

Source: Mom 4 Real

27) Centerpiece

28) Floral Centerpiece

29) Another LED Lamp

Reuse Wine Bottle LED Lamp (1)

Source: eHow

30) Candy Container

31) Art

Reuse Wine Bottle Art

Source: Cohas

32) Gift

33) Winter Centerpiece

34) Table Card

35) Chalkboard-Painted Table Number

Reuse Wine Bottle Chalkboard Table Number

Source: Michaels

36) Rolling Pin

37) Faux Sea Glass/Beach-Themed Decor

38) Another Vase

39) Chandelier

40)  Wall

Reuse Wine Bottle Wall

Source: Hometalk

41) Another Vase

Reuse Wine Bottle Vase

Source: The Drinks Business

42) Self-Watering System

43)  Serving Plate

Reuse Wine Bottle Serving Plate

Source: Hunker 

Know of any other ways to reuse wine bottles? Tell me about them below!

Last Update:  Jun 17, 2019 @ 3:11 pm