5 Simple Diet Changes You Need to Make for Your Health and the Environment

The Environmental Working Group (EWG)  is an organization that empowers people to live healthy lives in a healthy environment. They have created the following set of dietary guidelines on what people need to do to stay healthy and protect the environment.

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits, and avoid pesticides.

Shop locally, purchase organic products, and safely cleanse your fruits and vegetables.

2. Eat less meat, especially red and processed meat.

Red and processed meats are believed to cause cancer and heart disease, and their production is bad for the environment. My husband and I stopped eating pork and all red meat years ago. Surprisingly, I don’t miss it.

3. Skip sodas and sugary or salty foods.

Drink more filtered water and limit your intake of salt and foods with added sugar.

4. Eat healthy and sustainable seafood that’s low in mercury.

Eat seafood that is rich in omega-3s , low in mercury, and sustainably caught.

5. Beware of processed foods with harmful additives.

The federal Food and Drug Administration allows more than 10,000 chemical additives in food. Some of these substances are linked to serious disorders.

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