Herb Or Drug: Which One Should You Choose?


Have you ever used herbs? Not marijuana, the other ones...? I have, and I love them. What is an herb? Herb: (1) a seed-producing annual, biennial, or perennial that does not develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of a growing season; (2) a plant or plant part valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities. (1) [...]

How to Minimize Your Exposure to Toxins


We live in a toxic world. We inhale, ingest, and absorb toxins every day. Toxin: a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation. (1) They're in our air. You [...]

4 Eco-Friendly Ways To Manage Your Menstrual Period


Bloating…Blood...Cramps…Yep, it’s that time of the month. You're on your menstrual period. Ugh! How do you manage it? Do you take ibuprofen or other drugs to relieve cramps? Do you use the conventional menstrual products found at a local store? You know, the Tampax Pearl tampons and Always maxi pads with the pretty packaging? If [...]

7 Things You Can Do To Save The Earth


How can you save the earth? Generally speaking, just go green! Specifically speaking... Here are 7 things you can do to save the earth. 1. Think before you buy. Ask yourself if you really need that thing before purchasing it. That dress or shirt may fit you well and is made of organic materials and natural dyes, [...]

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