43 Ways to Reuse Wine Bottles


You probably don't need an excuse to finish a bottle of wine. But if you do, I've got you covered. Here are 43 things you can make using empty wine bottles. 1) Vase Source: Apple Crate 2) Herb Garden Source: Inhabitat 3) Etched Candle Holder Source: Chica Circle 4) Holiday Decoration [...]

33 Ways to Reuse Denim Jeans


I think it's safe to say that you own at least 1 pair of denim jeans, right? Unfortunately, those jeans won't last forever. So here are 33 cool ways to reuse those denim jeans instead of just throwing them away. 1) Wine Bag Source: My Soulful Home 2) Coaster Source: Polka Dot Pineapple [...]

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